Frank Delape in Best Buddies

8 Sep

Best buddies being the non profit organization creates opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It was founded by Anthony Kennedy Shriver in 1989 and this vibrant organization from one original chapter has grown to more than 1500 educational institutes  across the country and internationally.  It engage participants in each of the fifty united states with active development through seven formal programs.  It is now focusing on continuous significant growth both domestically and overseas.

Though it has been evolved tremendously, still many regions lack this program to help people with IDD.Their goal is to expand it nation wide and at local community level through their programs. Frank delape being the part of this take part in best buddies initiative programs.


Frank Delape Philanthropic Activities

7 Sep

Frank Delape

26 Aug

Frank Delape Life Story

23 Aug

The life style of many people teaches others some good thoughts and makes others to follow their good works and characters. Similarly the life style of MR Frank Delape makes some good impressions in the heart of others. You would have heard that child who brought up in some critical and unease conditions generally make their life path bad, but frank delape changed this. His father has abandoned the family and his mom has suffered a lot to take care of him and his sisters. Despite his difficult childhood, he didn’t become a criminal or drop out of school like statistics would suggest. Instead, after growing up in New Jersey, he went on to attend the United States Naval Academy, and is today a successful venture capitalist as the CEO of Benchmark Equity Group, based in Houston, Texas.

Such a boy who has been brought up in such critical conditions now holds many responsibilities in the society and living a life in which others can have him as a role model. He has spent in executive management roles of managing turnarounds for various companies for eleven years and he has worked on behalf of the Board of Directors or the sponsoring banks to recapitalize companies return them to profitability or maximize cash repayment through an orderly liquidation. He was a founder and financier of Think New Ideas, a NASDAQ NMS listed company, which later sold for over $300 million. At Benchmark, Frank has formed and been instrumental in the growth of eighteen companies. Of these, several have become NASDAQ listed, one listed on the American Stock Exchange, and three were sold, creating in total over several billion dollars in market value.

From August 2001 through October 2005, he was a Chairman of the Board of the biotechnology company Isolagen, Inc, and during his period over there he oversaw the listing of Isolagen on the American Stock Exchange, and raised over $194 million in debt and equity financings for the company. Frank  delape was a Director of Polymedix, Inc. from November 2005 until third quarter 2008 and now he is the chairman of General Land Holdings, the parent company of Island Living Resorts, where he is responsible to oversee and manage the regulatory, master planning, strategic development and partnering program, financing and management of the multiple beachfront properties owned by General Land Holdings.

Frank always enjoys on giving back to the community and he is not only giving financially to many charities, but also participates on a ground level with them as well. His motto is, “We are blessed to be a blessing.” Frank delape every year dress himself as a Santa Claus and presents gifts to children’s in the bridge over troubled waters and the reason behind this is that the incident that happened in his childhood. Frank during his childhood likes to have a baseball glove from his divorced father, but he didn’t get it and then he decided to show his love and care to abused mother and children and present them the gift what they wanted. He is an active philanthropist and his active works doesn’t ends over here and it continues.

Frank Delape Portraits

22 Aug

Hi friends,

So far we have seen the great philanthropic endeavors of Mr Frank Delape. Hope many of you have are awaiting to see the portraits of MR Delape. Here comes the Pictures of this Great philanthropist


Frank Delape Portraits








Frank Delape







Frank Delape as Santa Claus







 Frank Delape in San Jose de Malumbo Orpahange


















These couples has made their life dedicated to help others and let them live long so others may also get better life.

Frank Delape in Legacy Community Health Services

18 Aug

Legacy community health services is a full service community health center  providing comprehensive health care services to all Houstonians in a culturally sensitive, judgment-free and confidential environment. This legacy has been providing health services since 1980s in a free and confidential environment. Frank Delape being the member of this health services renders his contribution towards it and financially support this legacy.

Frank Delape
The health services are offered in a culturally sensitive, judgment-free and confidential environment and specialized in HIV/AIDS testing, education, treatment and other social services.  They also provide care for other chronic health conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. Through many other contributions, this legacy provides no-cost or low-cost health care services to over 20,000 men, women and children each year.

Frank Delape – Children’s Delight

9 Aug

Helping the troubled hands is what frank delape always do and one cannot dedicate their time as like Frank for philanthropic activities. Nearly for the past 14 years, MR and MRS Frank Delape have been spending their Christmas Eve with the children’s of bridge over troubled waters. That too, Frank dresses himself as Santa Claus and fulfills the requests and wishes of the children. This generous couple together spread goodwill and hopes to all of the families at the bridge. The Christmas festivity in the bridge over troubled water includes cookies, candy, musicians, hugs from Santa and, of course, presents.

He enjoys the day over there and of course the children’s love his present on this great occasion. You can see all happiness and fun in the faces of the children’s when they see frank delape being dressed as Santa Claus. The children’s of bridge over troubled waters write their requests in the letter and frank without forgetting present two gifts for each and every children over there. “Children need love, especially when they do not deserve it”. This is the famous quote of Harold Hulbert and this man follows this quote and gives the children love and affection which they do not deserve during their birth.